About Us / Borga Travel

About Borga Travel

Borga Travel & Tour offer a complete travel management service to the Ghanaian public, everything from planning to execution of tours.

We provide a range of well packaged services for the hospitality industry for both local and foreign tourist including trips and flight arrangement, ground handling and conference for growth.

We are the trendsetter for the tourism industry in terms of innovative products, professionalism and customer service.

We have a solid business philosophy that says ‘excellent services are by far our most valuable tool to gain and retain customers.

We want to stay ahead of time and competition through the pursuit of our mission. We Do Today What Others Will Do Tomorrow.

We are accredited by GHANA TOURISM AUTHORITY and that offers our clients a high degree of faith and assurance in the services we offer.

As a travel agency, we have built strategic partnership throughout our history—they are central to our ability to deliver our services.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to significantly offer quality and excellent travel and travel related services to our customers leaving them fulfilled and happy.

Our Values

Since our inception, we have held a set of core values which still drives us today, giving Borga travel and tours its distinctive character and defining our approach to travel management issues.

Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy

Speed, efficiency and accuracy is our hallmark in Borga travel and tours. We are very efficient in delivering clients’ needs within time and with accuracy.

Quality of Service and Professionalism

We give clients a unique feel of great experience by not compromising the ideal of quality and professionalism in the performance of our services to clients.

Customer Priority

We believe the needs of our clients are our emergency. Our customers are the essence of our existence. They are our foremost need.

Hard Work and Continuous Self-Improvement

We have a hardworking team subject to continuous improvements and professional development to ensure we continue to meet the changing needs of clients while ensuring quality

Acting with Agility

Being a customer driven firm, we act with quickness, swiftness and urgency in our attempts to respond to their needs