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Frequently Asked Questions

What is flight ticket/travel ticket/Airline ticket?

An airline ticket is a document or electronic record, issued by an airline or a travel agency that confirms that an individual is entitled to a seat on a flight on an aircraft (airplane).

How do I book a seat on a flight?

You can call any travel agency or the airline and provide the name on your travel passport, destination country, departure and return dates to reserve a seat for you on a flight.

What details do I need to purchase / buy a travel ticket?

Depending on your destination, an airline office or travel agency will demand your passport bio –data , destination country , departure and return dates to be able to issue ticket to USA or Canada. Other than that, your name in the passport, destination, departure and return date is the basic requirement to reserve or buy a seat on an airplane.

What do I need to take to the airport when travelling?

your travel documents( passport , ticket, travel insurance , hotel reservation( mandatory for tourist) , invitation letter (mandatory for visiting travellers to destination countries) and your luggage.

Is there any required age for travelling?

there is no required age for travelling. If you possess

What is a Visa?

A Visa is an authorisation issued by the representative of the Government of a country permitting a person, not resident in that country, to enter its boundaries, subjected to immigration control of the country.

How do I know if I need a visa or not to enter into a country?

Depending on your nationality, log on here to check if you require a visa to your destination country.